Pete Hurley

"Attending Peter's yoga retreat was a carefree, rejuvenating interlude in an exquisite setting overlooking the Pacific. Our day started with invigorating yoga and pranayama and ended with evening meditations. In between there were options to explore the beaches, the extraordinary flora and fauna of Costa Rica by boat, zipline, car or on foot with plenty of time for relaxation or a body treatment. Peter was very accommodating to the various interest of the participants. I came home with new friends and great memories!"
Roswitha, Palm Dessert

"The trip was exactly what I needed at this point in my life. It allowed me to center myself,nourish my body, heal my soul, and meet great friends all while I enjoyed the beauty that Costa Rica has to offer. I am eternally grateful to Pete for the opportunity".
Lindsay, CA

“The setting was amazing. The wildlife, the mountains, the beaches, the house, are all world class. But the thing that made this trip untouchable from any other was the energy and hospitality that you yourself brought. You created a setting that

could allow our practice of yoga flourish and grow. I gained so much wisdom; all of which, still hasn't sunk in yet. At my age I don't know too many people I'd call role models but I consider you one. The trip has made a lasting impact on me and I can't wait to return. Feel free to use any excerpts from this message to encourage others on this journey!”
Tony, Florida


"The perfect blend of effort and surrender - mornings practicing yoga, afternoons experiencing the beauty of Costa Rica, and evenings connecting with the Divine. Peter teaches and hosts with grace. I truly felt at home and hope to return."
Barbara, New York


"Dearest Peter, You may not fully know what a fabulous program you created this week! You managed with impeccable grace and diplomacy a very interesting & heterogeneous group - you demonstrated a wide variety of heavenly postures and you taught us a demanding series with ease and elegance! Personally, you showered me with individualized kindness, from assigning me the most secluded room to playing sacred music to attending to every detail of comfort and delight I could possibly imagine!

You are an accomplished Yogi, a great teacher, and an awesome host. But most of all, you are a sincere and humble seeker and I see the divine light in you... with much gratitude 'NAMASTE',"
Dhyana, Canada


"There's no way I could possibly describe how magically perfect Peter Hurley's yoga retreat was! Every aspect of the week was better than ideal. His staff made me feel as if I were part of their family, the homemade meals were out of this world, the scenery, the view.....I could go on and on. And meeting other wonderful yogi's from all over the world created an energy that felt so connecting and powerful. And then, Peter. What a class act; an incredible yogi who compassionately took us all to a deeper level of our practice through Ashtanga yoga and pranayama. I'd go back in a heartbeat! Thank you, Peter for facilitating a week of peace, fun, joy and relaxation."
Holistic Healing


We had a great time at the Costa Rica Yoga Retreat. Being new to Ashtanga, we were a little apprehensive, but all our fears went away on the first day of practice! Peter was very helpful in guiding us through the series of poses and focusing on providing a practice that we could take home with us for self-enjoyment. The location, atmosphere and staff were all superb. We enjoyed seeing other parts of Costa Rica during the afternoon touring sessions. Highly recommended!
Russ & Yvonne, Los Angeles